Wall- and ceiling mounted luminaires - Architectural Lighting and Luminaire-Design from Hoffmeister


The luminaires in the Fin series are wall and masttop models which can be used either for ceiling floodlighting or by rotating them by 180° for ground floodlighting both indoors and outdoors. Typical usages include vaulted rooms and tunnel ceilings, passages and staircases as well as lounges and transit areas.


With their classical good looks the Corcovado series of luminaires is suitable both for outdoors and indoors, for historical or museum settings but just as well for contemporary, representative contexts. The various Corcovado versions can satisfy a variety of different lighting requirements ranging from basic illumination through display accentuation to decorative lighting.


The geometric form of the Metric series of luminaires allows for light management with either diffuse or directed light. They can be used to lighten up room compositions and also for illuminating pathways and passageways such as drives, residential entrances or stairways. In keeping with the given architectural requirements the luminaires can be flush mounted or surface mounted. The Metric series can be used both on ceilings and on walls.

DL 150

The DL 150 series of luminaires has been developed with both downlight and uplight models. Whether they are used individually or in combination they represent excellent lighting tools. The luminaires for surface and flush ceiling installation can be combined with wall mounted luminaires (either single or double beam). The series includes a variety of different lighting characteristics, illuminants and capacity ratings.


Wall-mounted and ceiling luminaires in a classic and absolutely minimalist design. VOID is a linear lighting system ideal for infrastructure zones such as corridors and stairwells. It provides asymmetrical light distribution and is suitable for T16 fluorescent lamps and LEDs. This profile system is particularly characterised by its individual light strip layout options and fast mounting thanks to simple wall and ceiling connectors.


Powerwash 2.0 floodlight are suited for the general illumination of rooms as well as for targeted illumination of specific areas such as entrance and transit halls, presentation and sales areas or room separators and shelving. Powerwash 2.0 is available as luminaire for control.x tracks as well as wall mounted luminiares. The wall mounted versions are available either in protection rating IP20 or IP65.

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