Pendant luminaires - Architectural Lighting and Luminaire-Design from Hoffmeister



With their classical good looks the Corcovado series of luminaires is suitable both for outdoors and indoors, for historical or museum settings but just as well for contemporary, representative contexts. The various Corcovado versions can satisfy a variety of different lighting requirements ranging from basic illumination through display accentuation to decorative lighting.


The Profilon system offers a wide range of lighting characteristics and illuminant options. It combines the features of lighting strips and lighting tracks and allows for individual, exactly tailored solutions, e.g. in educational or office environments, archives and museums, but also for display purposes and in retail outlets.


MOBILE is an extremely flexible, modular light system for the control.x track. It gives planners a strong lighting tool, with direct and indirect luminaires for energy-efficient T16 fluorescent lamps for the economical illumination of work surfaces or for general room illumination at different output levels. The ability to adjust the MOBILE luminaires to changing room situations is a major advantage of this luminaire series.

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