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Underwater floodlight AQUA IP68 are especially appropriate for lighting fountains, water basins and water games. The underwater floodlight is water pressure tight for a depth up to 10 m. The projectors are fitted with the best LED technology available with different colour temperatures: 3000K / 4000 K / 5700K optional: RGBW | RGBN | RGBK | RGBA


New product Light & Building 2018


Lovo is a Hoffmeister classic. Classics are not appointed, their popular usage makes them so. Lovo has been part of modern illumination for more than 30 years. It has successfully made the move to the world of LED lighting with new qualities. Its compact shape means that the Lovo projector equipped with LEDs can handle complex lighting tasks. Latest-generation 14 W LEDs replace 50W low-voltage halogen lamps, while 28W LEDs replace 35W metal halide lamps.


Foca 70 LED follows the classic projector shape in compact form. Equipped with LEDs, it can handle complex lighting tasks up to 3000 lm. Spot, medium and flood reflectors are all available. Different angles, glasses, lenses and hoods ensure light with the required focus.

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