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SHS Lighting company group

Sammode, Hoffmeister and Sill form a new alliance: SHS Lighting, the European specialist in technical lighting. Industrial and family-owned, our three companies share decades of expertise, innovation and excellence. We also have the same DNA, the same corporateculture, resulting from a perfect combination of historical know-how and cutting-edge technology, direct control over the production process from design to manufacturing, and a close working relationship with customers. Our industrial expertise sets the benchmark. It defines our uniquely high standards, allowing us to guarantee the precision, performance, reliability and long-term robustness of all our products, with the utmost flexibility and the focus on design. SHS Lighting combines the best of “Made in France” and “Made in Germany”.

Performance and durability

All products manufactured by SHS Lighting are a guarantee of excellence. Recognised for their fitness for purpose, lighting precision, performance, reliability and durability, our luminaires are constantly improved and perfected to incorporate the latest technologies and the most innovative materials. We have chosen a platform strategy as the basis for the repair, maintenance and further development of our products.