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  • The DL 200 luminaires with ingress protection ratings IP20 and IP65 are optically coordinated, so they can be used in combination. This is useful wherever a transparent architecture allows simultaneous views of the interior and exterior of a building, for instance in entrance areas of representative buildings, in foyers which consist of indoor and outdoor sections as well as in passages which provide a visual connection between street areas and shopping zones.
  • The luminaires with high IP65 protection rating and powerful LED modules of up to 3000 lm proves its qualities in outdoor areas in particular.
  • An adjustable installation ring for surface mounted luminaires is available for lighting configurations which demand special flexibility. This allows for the luminaire to be integrated as much as possible into the ceiling or for it to project from the ceiling plane as much as is required.

Lighting technology

Passive cooling increases the efficiency and life cycle of the LED circuit boards. With approx. 50000 hours, this is crucial everywhere where maintenance is very laborious, such as on high facades. The powerful DL 200 LED technology achieves 3000lm with a 32W lamp output (corresponding to a system output of 36W). The LED luminaires achieve a high colour rendering index of CRI 80, offer excellent antiglare properties (UGR = 11.1) and have a colour temperature of 3000K or 4000K. The wide range of technological variations available in the DL 200 downlight series means that these luminaires can be used to produce lighting solutions both for horizontal illumination and vertical wall floodlighting as well as to provide for task area and decorative illumination.


DL 200 and DL 100: The luminaires of the DL 200 series have exactly the same form as those of the DL 100 series and can therefore be planned in combination. Thus the planner’s creative room to manoeuvre is increased to include smaller luminaires which can be fitted with low voltage and very small metal halide lamps. DL 200 and double focus: For especially demanding lighting requirements the Hoffmeister double focus luminaires can also be combined with the DL 200 series, as the outer ceiling trim also has the same design. DL Q 200: As an alternative to the round DL 200 series of luminaires, Hoffmeister offers a comprehensive range of square luminaires with similar ceiling trims, also as ‘superflat’ models and with a choice between protection rating IP20 and IP65.


The DL 200 series includes the "superflat" variant with an installation depth of just 80 mm, ideal for use in situations where the space between the structural ceiling and suspended ceiling is very limited.

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