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Swimming pool H2O Dinklage

Swimming pool H2O Dinklage

Building owner
Stadt Dinslaken
Electrical Planing
Ing.-Büro Wilfried Heise
Stephan Brendgen

After a complete renovation, the swimming pool of Dinklage re-opens under a new name

In addition to the changing rooms, the complete technology, the façade, window fronts, roof and insulation were renewed. The lighting concept was also modernised. Due to the chlorinated environment, only complx.150 downlights with special paintwork were used.
the complx. series offers a wide range of luminaires with different powers and beam angles, which enable precise light and thus increase safety. Due to the high quality of the luminaires, the increased corrosion protection and the high degree of protection IP65, Hoffmeister complx. Downlights can also be arranged above the water.

Swimming pool H2O DinklageSwimming pool H2O DinklageSwimming pool H2O Dinklage

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