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1880: Invention of the light bulb

Edison receives the patent N°223898 for the incandescent lamp


1910: Foundation of Hoffmeister GmbH

Foundation of the company by Wilhelm Hoffmeister


1914: Start of the production

First production facility (for electrical switchgear) in Lüdenscheid


1930: Trade show Leipzig

Hoffmeister booth at the Leipzig trade fair


1938: Start of the serial production of the fluorescent lamp

GE acquires Germers patent for fluorescent lamps and starts their serial production


1939: Production of fluorescent lamps

Hoffmeister produces first luminaires based on fluorescent lamps


1947: Trade show Hanover

Hanover Fair - first participation in a fair after the war


1980: The discharge lamp becomes the standard

After its development in 1961, the discharge lamp was widely used in the lighting industry from the 1980s onwards


2010: New orientation of the company

Hoffmeister under new leadership. Impressive sign of the company's reorientation at the Light+Building trade fair in Frankfurt


2011: Development offensive

Hoffmeister launches development offensive in the field of LED lights and new technologies


2014: The company Sill Leuchten GmbH becomes a subsidiary

Sill Leuchten GmbH in Berlin becomes a member of the Hoffmeister Group


2018: Merger to form the company group SHS

Hoffmeister and Sill merge to form SHS Lighting, the European specialist for technical lighting

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