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New product Light & Building 2018


The accuracy of complx universally fascinates in downlight, wallwasher, double wallwasher, lens wallwasher and directional spotlight form with protection ratings IP20 and IP65. Three sizes of 100, 150 or 200 mm reflector diameter can each be equipped with five lighting technologies. Besides compact fluorescent lamps, low-voltage halogen lamps and high-voltage metal halide lamps up to 250W, efficient and economical LED versions are also universally available at several output levels and with various lighting technologies. Thus arises the possibility of integration into intelligent and efficient building management systems.

DL 50

New product Light & Building 2018

DL 70

New product Light & Building 2018

DL 100

The DL 100 series of downlights comes into its own where the space for installation is limited, e.g. inside furnishing elements or for setting individual lighting accents in residential and other contexts. These very compact ceiling luminaires are equally suitable for modern architecture as well as historic buildings. They are commonly used outdoors for canopies, terraces and swimming pools as well as fitness and wellness zones.

DL 110

Like the downlight series DL 170 and DL 250, the DL 110 series is characterised by its – in the literal sense of the word – outstanding reflector edge. The format of the DL 110 series – designed for very small ceiling sections of 110 mm – opens up a new range of design possibilities. The downlights of the DL 110 series can be installed either with ceiling trim or in the "Insider" variant without trim.

DL 150

The DL 150 series of luminaires has been developed with both downlight and uplight models. Whether they are used individually or in combination they represent excellent lighting tools. The luminaires for surface and flush ceiling installation can be combined with wall mounted luminaires (either single or double beam). The series includes a variety of different lighting characteristics, illuminants and capacity ratings.

DL 170

Recessed downlights with LED technology for general lighting and accent lighting. With a light output ratio of 93% and luminous power of 3,000 or 2,000 lm (LED module), the downlight DL 170 creates new lighting solutions that normally require lights with 2x32W compact fluorescent lamps. The DL 170 can be used wherever long-life homogeneous lighting is needed in combination with high energy efficiency: in office and administrative areas, conference rooms, entry and receiving zones as well as rooms for sales and presentations.

DL 200

The DL 200 luminaires with ingress protection ratings IP20 and IP65 are optically coordinated, so they can be used in combination. This is useful wherever a transparent architecture allows simultaneous views of the interior and exterior of a building, for instance in entrance areas of representative buildings, in foyers which consist of indoor and outdoor sections as well as in passages which provide a visual connection between street areas and shopping zones.

DL Q-200

DL Q200 is a family of quadratic recessed ceiling lights in protection class IP65 or IP20. Compact fluorescent lamps, discharge lamps up to 70W (150W on request) or LED can be used. “Superflat” versions with an installation depth of only 80 mm can be used even in cramped ceiling situations. A wallwasher variant as well as lights with four-cell cross baffles or suspended glass element complete the selection and provide options for different fields of application.


DL day.night

The reduced downlight design creates an uncluttered ceiling look. The reflector geometry, optimised for two focal points, and micro-prismatic glass cover ensure the exceptional precision of the colour mix. The max. 70/ 150W downlight comes with either symmetrical or asymmetrical reflectors. The perfect individual mix of colours can be achieved by use of metal halide lamps with colour temperatures of 3.000 and 4.200K.

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