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  • Lovo is a Hoffmeister classic. Classics are not appointed, their popular usage makes them so. Lovo has been part of modern illumination for more than 30 years. It has successfully made the move to the world of LED lighting with new qualities. Its compact shape means that the Lovo projector equipped with LEDs can handle complex lighting tasks. Latest-generation 14 W LEDs replace 50W low-voltage halogen lamps, while 28W LEDs replace 35W metal halide lamps.

LED Lighting technology

The powerful LED technology with 1000 lm with a 12W lamp output (corresponding to a system output of 14W) offers an economical alternative to QT 12 50W or HIT 35W. Hoffmeister luminaires are equipped with high-quality LEDs from renowned manufacturers on in-house designed circuit boards. Luminaires with a long life cycle result from the interplay of LED module, reflector and thermal management in optimal temperature ranges. Passive thermal management from Hoffmeister increases the efficiency and durability of the LEDs. The thermal load is dissipated quickly from the circuit board thanks to the conduction of air flows in the housing. The design intelligence of the certified system facilitates maintenance-free, silent use. Selected LEDs that meet the highest standards with a constant colour temperature and brightness ensure a homogenous light effect within a luminaire group. Lovo is recommended for wall and ceiling assembly and has a luminous efficiency of 75%. The LED circuit boards are designed for colour temperatures of 3000 or 4000 K. Lovo equipped with LEDs is approved for ambient temperatures of up to 45ºC. Different angles, glasses, lenses and hoods ensure light with the required focus.

IP65 Protection rating

Designs meet IP65 requirements. The high protection rating facilitates outdoor use as the luminaires are dust-tight and protected from spray water.

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