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Street- & Pathway luminaires

MP 260 / 860

The MP 260 and MP 860 series of luminaires are designed to produce close-to-ground lighting. With them, outdoor areas such as courtyards, paths or parks can be illuminated in a very specific way. The low level MP 260 post luminaire provides a way of marking spaces and pathways very near to the ground. The MP 860 luminaire is taller and therefore more suited for widespread illumination.


Designing, structuring and orienting luminaires in public spaces. They highlight the location during the day and brighten it at night. Iconic blends these two functions of luminaire design and light design with charm and skilful transformation. The luminaire elegantly caps the light, remaining unmistakable and congenial. With this design, Hoffmeister is extending its competence for professional street lighting.


multi.flood from Hoffmeister - developed for the reliable and efficient lighting of roads and industrial areas. Equipped with electronics for various smart city functions.