Lighting Solutions HoffmeisterSILL-projectors for area lighting and accentuation of buildings - illumination of churches, bridges and castles with different LED lighting techniques


Projector 49

The series 49 includes a large choice of projectors for an external accentuation of buildings (e.g. churches, bridges and castles). Depending on the application case, the client can choose between different lighting techniques (from narrow spot to flood and asymmetrical lighting distributions), sizes and system performances. This projector is also available in the colour shade amber. The product range is completed by a large choice of accessories.

Projector 02

The 02 series of projectors is designed for lighting objects, buildings and areas. Various lighting effect can be easily acheived with the different beam angles. This luminaire can be mounted on the ground, a wall or on a pole.
This projector is available on request in RGBW and can be ordered with DALI or DMX control gear. The projector can easily be installed as it comes pre-cabled.

Projector 14

The innovative projector series 14 offers a large range of different system components which enable an easy and flexible adaptation to different lighting concepts.
The 3 different sizes (S/M/L) are equipped with an integrated control for ON/OFF, DALI and DMX and are constant current control for 24V (sizes S and M) or 48V (size L). An already existing system with a central power unit can therefore be used (f. ex. in shipping, utility vehicle and industrial plants). In addition, different power units for a decentral power supply are also available.

Plane projector 48

The plane projector series 48 is excellently suited for illumination in the industrial and infrastructure sector. This durable and robust projector can be used at high ambient temperatures of up to 60°C. Thanks to replaceable modules, this efficient luminaire is sustainable and easy to maintain. Due to various mounting options as well as a wide range of accessories, this projector offers individual lighting solutions.

Plane projector 150-154

The series 150 to 154 are compact LED plane projectors which can be used for internal and external installations. These projectors are real all-rounders – they are equipped with a pivoting stirrup mounting bracket (series 150 and 153) or a pivoting mounting arm (serie 151 and 154). Different sizes and wattages (20W to 240W) are available. The assortment is completed by a large range of accessories.

Plane projector 155

The 155 series is a high power, high performance projector. With a power up to 240 watt, this projector is perfect for the illumination of large areas, for example car parks and swimming pools. Due to its pivotable mounting bracket, this luminaire can be fixed easily on a pole.

Industrial luminaire 176

The 176 series is a range of industrial luminaires for ceiling mounting and pendant installation in sports halls and industrial buildings as well as for internal and external use.
Functional, robust, efficient and reliable – these luminaires are designed for long life. Every individual part is optimized and offers an exceptionnally long life combined with minimal operating costs.

Arealflooter 177

With a maximal output of 108,000 lm the floodlight 177 is perfect for the illumination of large areas. This luminaire is temperature- and corrosion-resistant and thus ideal for the illumination of industrial areas, container terminals and airport aprons and fields.
Functional, robust, efficient and reliable – these luminaires are designed for long lifetimes. Every individual part is optimized and offers an exceptionnal long life combined with minimal operating costs.