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Ducal Museum of Gotha

Ducal Museum of Gotha

Building owner
Stadt Gotha
ARGE Kummer.Lubk.Partner, Erfurt
Thoma Architekten, Berlin
Lighting Designer
IB THOMSEI, Tabarz / Thüringen
Electrical Planing
IB THOMSEI, Tabarz / Thüringen

The Ducal Museum was opened in Gotha in late 2013 following three years of extensive renovation work, which included a completely new lighting installation.

Inaugurated in 1879, the museum was originally built in a Neo-Renaissance style by Ernest II, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. The extensive renovations touched on many areas and facilitated the installation of a modern lighting system.
form.h44 light structures equipped with control.x tracks and indirect light outputs are used in the exhibition areas. The indirect linear LED modules brighten the floor zones, producing an integrated sense of space. The look of the space can be adjusted according to the time of day using the light control options. gin.o 2 spotlights with LEDs are operated using a DALI-controlled track. Where necessary, they are used as framing spotlights to illuminate specific shapes. In this way, exhibits can be staged using perfectly contoured lighting.
This highly dynamic illumination also provides great leeway for redesigns, which is especially useful for exhibitions that change cyclically.

Ducal Museum of GothaDucal Museum of GothaDucal Museum of GothaDucal Museum of GothaDucal Museum of Gotha

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