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Museum Burg Zug (CH)

Museum Burg Zug (CH)

VOGEL 4build architecture, Zug (CH)
Lighting Designer
Licht- und Raumgestaltung Liz Hurni, Luzern / matí AG, Adliswil (CH)
Alexander Gempeler, Bern (CH)

The Museum Burg Zug is the landmark of the city of Zug in Switzerland.

As part of the renovation of the museum and the redesign of the permanent exhibition, the lighting concept was also brought up to the latest technical standards. The existing infrastructure of the building is listed and made the task a great challenge.
In the exhibition rooms, gin.o 2 LED spotlights in black and white in various sizes were used for this purpose. Thanks to the precise lens technology, the exhibits shine in the light of the GIN.O spotlights, as surfaces, shapes and colours come into their own.

Museum Burg Zug (CH)Museum Burg Zug (CH)Museum Burg Zug (CH)Museum Burg Zug (CH)Museum Burg Zug (CH)

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