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Columbarium "Liebfrauen", Dortmund

Building owner
Gemeindeverband katholischer Kirchengemeinden OR
Staab Architekten GmbH, Berlin
Lighting Designer
Licht Kunst Licht AG, Bonn

LED illumination as a design element in the Grabeskirche Liebfrauen (Burial Church of Our Lady) in Dortmund

Questions regarding the appropriate place for the urn burial ritual and how to approach the existing church interior were at the forefront of considerations of Staab Architekten GmbH.
It was important that this be retained when installing the urn graves and carrying out the rest of the work. With the graveyard-type arrangement of a ground-level urn burial area of only 80 cm in height as an analogy to traditional burial, a plausible link was created between the architectural premise and a location appropriate for the burial ritual.
The illumination concept uses basic and accent lighting to support this hierarchy of architectural space and burial location. With a higher lighting level than the nave, the chancel is the initial visual reference point. Directed light from discreet, concealed spotlights mounted on pillars accentuate the altar, ambo, urn stele and cross. These principal items are designed in a modern interpretation from laminated and not quite flat soaped oak wood panels. The warm-white light and high colour rendering quality of the gin.o LED spotlights from Hoffmeister ensure true colour perception of the material and emphasise the abundance of form of this central location for funeral services, which has been artistically designed by Lutzenberger&Lutzenberger.
The central nave’s basic illumination comes from direct/indirect lighting installed in compact quadrangular housings. Diffuse light provides even and soft illumination of the arched roof, creating a balanced ratio of luminances in the interior. The visitor is also aware of the height of the interior. The direct light gently illuminates the horizontal level in warm tones, thereby emphasising the material depth and colours of the urn vaults, manufactured in earth tones from corrosive architectural bronze.

Columbarium Columbarium Columbarium Columbarium

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