Lighting Solutions Hoffmeister

Art Museum Erfurt - special exhibition "Bauhausmädels"

City of Erfurt
Lighting Designer
Hoffmeister GmbH
Albrecht von Kirchbach

Glass display cases are indispensable for the protection of particularly sensitive exhibits in museums.
For physical reasons, undesirable reflections occur on the glass surfaces depending on the angle of entry and viewing angle. With the miniaturised display case spotlight ak.tina from Hoffmeister, reflections are reduced, as the spotlight in the display case illuminates the exhibits. Thanks to the exchangeable lenses, the appropriate beam angle can be selected depending on the exhibit.
Additional lighting tools such as anti-glare screens, sculpture lenses and anti-glare louvres allow the light to be finely adjusted. Various mounting options, wall/ceiling installation and surface-mounted spotlights allow individual planning of the exhibit lighting. The luminaires were installed both in the showcases and in the exhibition walls.

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