3-circuit track for flexible lighting of rooms and buildings

As lighting experts and manufacturers, we use a wide variety of luminaires to make the lighting of rooms and entire buildings even more efficient, attractive and flexible.
One system in particular is convincing all along the line in terms of performance and flexibility: the track. With our 3-circuit track, we offer you a system that can be both flexibly equipped and repeatedly reconfigured. What’s more, it adapts to the required power, making it an all-round solution for different requirements.

How does the 3- circuit track work?

A track is a lighting system in which electrical energy is transported from one connection across the entire track. This system solution makes it possible to operate several luminaires via the same track. In addition, our track has a particularly high flexibility and performance thanks to its design. As a result, it is recommended for various areas of application in residential and commercial construction.
In addition to the 3 circuits, the control.x track always offers two additional control lines that are integrated in the track in a touch-proof manner, with unchanged track dimensions.
The choice of feed and connectors determines whether the track is operated as a pure 3-circuit track or additionally for DALI or 1-10V applications. This solution offers full compatibility: addressable spotlights and conventional 3-circuit adapters can be operated together.

Flexible feed-in

Unlike many other products, our 3-circuit track system does not depend on a fixed feed-in point for power supply. Instead, it can be connected at any mounting point, so that the connection to the house power supply can be made either at the end or along the track. This allows free placement in the room and opens up many design options. Even subsequent installations in rooms with unfavourable power supply can be ideally implemented.

Clever to the power of 3:

Our innovative track system

Our 3-circuit track system can “handle” three current-carrying circuits at once. This means that a total of up to three different circuits per track can be realised. In practice, either three individual luminaires or even three luminaire groups can be individually controlled, switched and dimmed with a single track. The track system thus functions as a kind of multiplier.

Luminaires – free choice and combination options

A track system is universal and versatile.
All luminaires that are compatible with the system used can be easily and quickly installed via track, such as:.

— spotlights
— projectors
— pendant luminaires
— indirect lighting
— point or line lighting
— earthing contact sockets

In addition, you benefit from a large selection of energy-saving LED spotlights and trackwashers. The mechanical attachment of the adapter allows a load capacity of up to 10 kg. Electronic circuit selection by means of a mains-voltage rotary switch is possible with the adapter in place.

Why a 3-circuit track system?

There are many good reasons for using a 3-circuit track. The most important advantages are certainly the high flexibility of such a system as well as the low effort associated with installation, but also with later modifications.

Flexibility and versatility

By selecting a suitable track length (max. 5 metres), suitable connectors and the right luminaires, a lighting track can be adapted to local conditions in almost any way. Whether for new buildings or refurbishments – with the help of our flexibly designed track system, the right lighting can be created everywhere. If requirements change, the equipment of a track can also be adapted and adjusted to the new requirements. In this way, the basic installation survives numerous changes without losing performance.

For this purpose, Hoffmeister has realized the development of completely new accessory elements simultaneously with the development of the conductor rail.

A freely accessible connection space (completely removable hood), double plug-in terminals and angled contacts (cable cross-section up to 2.5 mm²) in each connection element are significant advantages of our track compared to our competitors.

Low effort for house installation

Since our 3-circuit track can be connected to the building’s power supply via a single, flexibly selectable supply point, installation is quick and easy. There is no need for time-consuming concealed wiring work or the installation of distribution boxes and supply lines to each light point. This has a positive effect on the costs of the electrical installation. But other finishing trades also benefit from this lighting solution, as fewer cables or cable outlets have to be considered and integrated. This is why our track with 3 circuits is a popular product for lighting installations in new buildings as well as in existing properties.

Our popular control.x model is available in various colours and designs. We also offer end pieces, connectors and other accessories. Contact us if you have any questions regarding the product selection. We will be happy to advise you.

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