Track mounted spotlights

Track mounted spotlights
– linear supply for even more flexibility

LED spotlights are ideal for illuminating specific objects or areas or for deliberately setting the scene. Normally, more spotlights also mean more effort. Not so when using our 3-phase track. Once installed, a wide variety of spotlights can be positioned on the track as needed and also changed again just as quickly.  

Easy and flexible installation with the track

Often, during the electrical planning phase, the final lighting concepts are either not yet known or are subject to constant change due to the way the room is used. As each luminaire normally requires an installation point, the result is often an enormous amount of work. Not so with the use of our track. From a single connection point, a supply line can be set up either uni-directionally or multi-directionally, on which luminaires can later be freely placed and changed with minimal effort. Unattractive surface-mounted installations of subsequent power lines or recurring interventions in the building fabric for invisible cable runs are now a matter of the past.

Versatility meets standard – one track, countless luminaires

From our spotlights of the series, specially developed for museum use, to our in.line floodlights developed for the 3-phase track, all spotlight series can be used directly or with an adapter with our track. This means a free choice in the entire portfolio of our spotlights and spots with a one-time effort for the technical installation of the track. Subsequent changes and changes of position of individual luminaires are also possible at any time without interfering with the basic installation. This means that areas with a recurring need for change in the lighting concept can be equipped without restriction, without limiting the flexibility and individuality of each lighting point. This offers lighting designers and users outstanding freedom to always realise the optimum lighting with little effort.

3-circuit technology

– flexible control and use

What does 3-phase technology offer the individual track mounted spotlight? The answer is: even more freedom in planning and even more flexibility in changeability. Three phases mean three completely independent supply circuits, so that even three luminaires or groups of luminaires can be independently supplied and controlled via a single track. And this still from a single installation point for power supply.  

Spotlights for tracks – powerful and economical at the same time with LED technology

With our complete range of luminaires, we rely on contemporary lighting technology. First and foremost, this means LED technology. With low energy consumption, maximum luminous intensities can be achieved. And all this in a space-saving construction that offers freedom in design as well as in daily use. Depending on the model, the power consumption of each spotlight ranges from 2 W for our ak.tina micro spotlights to 69 W for the lo.nely series. The achievable luminous intensities range from 260 lumens to 7600 lumens. This gives operators of a wide variety of properties the opportunity to operate even complex and light-intensive lighting concepts in an economically viable manner.

State-of-the-art technical equipment

Our track-mounted spotlights are technically optimised for low consumption and comprehensive light output. For different requirements, we offer versions from protection class 1 to 3, at least in protection class IP20 or higher. Both versions with and without low-voltage DALI technology can be implemented using track technology.

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