Downlights – almost invisible but with enormous luminosity

Luminaires should not always appear as technical objects or as design elements. The solution is the recessed ceiling luminaire. They disappear almost invisibly into the ceiling lining, yet still impress with their enormous luminosity and great versatility in implementing lighting concepts. At the same time, our downlights with IP65 are also suitable for wet areas such as swimming pools or for outdoor use.

Downlights – for highlighting and illumination

The range of applications of downlights for recessing into ceiling surfaces is versatile. Sculptural exhibits in particular can usually be well staged with lighting directly from above. However, the main discipline of downlights with LED technology is the illumination of entire rooms or room areas. Both ambient lighting and the deliberate direction of circulation areas can be created by choosing the right recessed luminaires. The larger the object, the more the issue of safety lighting comes to the fore. Our LED downlights can be integrated into any lighting concepts as well as safety concepts and thus contribute their share to the safe, pleasant and sometimes also impressive usability of buildings.

Powerful, economical and versatile

The DL 100 series ranges from 700 lumens and 10 watts power consumption to 1600 lumens and 16 watts. We thus offer lighting designers and architects a comprehensive range of options for illuminating large areas as required, even with a small number of luminaires. Spot or area illumination can be used just as purposefully as different colour temperatures to achieve the desired lighting characteristics. The low light consumption allows for economical control operation on the one hand, but also facilitates integration into safety lighting concepts.

Museum, public area, swimming pool
all-round protection with IP65

Basic brightness and emergency lighting are issues that are relevant in all types of rooms. This is why our downlights are protected to IP65 and can therefore be used without any problems even in swimming pools or other rooms with intensive moisture or even sprinkling of the luminaires. The special luminaire for special challenges is a thing of the past. The models of the DL 100 series are equally convincing everywhere.

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