Mini LED spotlights

Mini LED spotlights – miniaturised lighting technology with maximum effect

Whether museum or exhibition – the object is the focus. This poses very special challenges for the lighting. The light must meet all the requirements of the lighting concept in terms of luminous intensity, light colour and illumination, while at the same time the individual luminaires should blend discreetly into the background so that the exhibited objects have an effect of their own. That’s why we offer top-class mini LED spotlights especially for museums, galleries and other exhibition areas in our ak.tina series.

Mini spotlights with LED technology are used here

Our ak.tina series mini LED spotlights are specially designed for the use in museum environments.

This includes: Museums, Galleries, Exhibitions, Presentation areas as well as all other areas where individual pictures, objects or installations are to be illuminated individually. The ak.tina series of mini LED spotlights also shine in all other areas of application where high luminosity in combination with small dimensions is desired.

Design en miniature

No less than three installation versions demonstrate the versatility of our mini LED spotlights. Whether as recessed luminaire, surface-mounted luminaire or free-standing luminaire – a small construction size in combination with an aesthetic and at the same time unobtrusive design is convincing. Regardless of the design, all mini spotlights have the ability to move and fix the luminaire around both the rotation and swivel axis, so that the alignment of the light cone can be adjusted without changing the location of the luminaire.

Luminosity and illumination especially for museums

A power consumption of only 2 watts per luminaire is proof of particularly economical use. Thanks to LED technology, our mini spotlights are energy-saving wonders and are particularly suitable for continuous use in museums. A luminous efficacy of up to 260 lumens nevertheless provides sufficient brightness to enable any lighting presentation of pictures or other objects. Depending on the model, it is possible to choose either rotationally symmetrical or oval flood light distribution. Attached baffles and visors allow the light cone to be steered and limited. Available lenses, on the other hand, allow modulation of the light from a true spot to a diffuse light surface.

IP20 for safe use around museums and exhibitions

With IP20 protection, the mini spotlights with LED equipment are within the range of common technical standards. Thanks to the use of low-energy LED technology, the luminaires with protection class 3 have all the properties required for safe operation, installation and adjustment in areas accessible to the public and in the event of changes to the lighting concept.

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