Contour spotlights

Contour spotlights – perfectly focused and staged

For a painting to be shown off to its best advantage, the right lighting is required. Only then do contours, lines, surfaces and even the shadow cast by the frame appear perfectly – the painting has an impact. This presents lighting designers and technicians with a very special challenge. Our gin.o contour spotlights meet this challenge and provide the optimum light for every presentation.

The contour spotlight – the luminaire for museums and galleries

The decisive factor for successful framing of pictures is a sharp delineation of the light cone. This is necessary to illuminate the picture while the surroundings remain in darkness. In this way, the viewer’s gaze is focused on the image with all its subtleties, while the background virtually disappears. Since this effect fades even with slight deviations in the area of the brightness transition, precision and selectivity are important characteristics when evaluating contour illuminators.

Perfect framing with a lens

The crucial factor for perfect contour sharpness is the lens. Our gin.o contour illuminator uses a focusable Fresnel lens to always find the right point of focus at varying distances from the object. By adjusting the distance between the lens and the luminaire, the optimum sharpness can be adjusted for all conditions, depending on the luminous range.

Powerful and economical – this is how contemporary museum lighting works

14 watts of power consumption generate a luminous intensity of 1560 lumens – enough to illuminate even large-format displays with the desired contours. Via a 3-phase DALI adapter, gin.o individual luminaires can be placed and used safely, easily and variably with the proven Hoffmeister tracks. In this way, they meet all the requirements of working with lighting in a museum environment. A maximum dimming range from full luminosity to just one percent luminosity also offers the possibility of continuously generating the lighting desired for each object.

State-of-the-art technology

With IP20 protection, gin.o contour spotlights are suitable for all indoor areas, regardless of their immediate surroundings. Equipped with a protective earth conductor, they are classified as protection class 1 and thus comply with current technical regulations in everyday use.

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