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About us


Excellence in lighting art, culture and heritage

BeratungFounded in 1910 by Wilhelm Hoffmeister and now based in Schalksmühle (North Rhine-Westphalia), Hoffmeister manufactures precise and innovative luminaires, particularly for museums and other cultural or heritage buildings. The company specialises in spotlights and floodlights as well as outdoor building illumination. It develops precise lighting solutions delivering high optical precision, a diverse range of photometric distributions and exceptional light quality. Products which furthermore are compatible with all current light management and control systems. As proof of the vitality of its technical culture and excellence in lighting technologies, Hoffmeister holds several patents.


We develop innovations with our customers

We have two R and D centres: one for luminaires with prototyping workshops and a fully equipped test laboratory for mechanical, EMC and photometry. The second one – SRM Mikroelektronik, based in Berlin – is specialised in electronics. It develops and produces a whole set of electronic components (LED boards, drivers, management systems) for various industries.

Guided by excellence and innovation, teams focus on selecting the most efficient materials and components and developing the most relevant optical systems for outstanding light efficiency and precision. We also optimise the construction principles of each model until it meets our requirements in terms of efficiency, durability and reliability. Thus, we develop exceptional solutions that set new standards. Finally, our products are compatible with all current and future, wire or wireless management systems.


Benchmarks in production

We have two production centres in Germany to ensure our luminaires are manufactured in line with our performance, innovation and durability standards.

We have expertise in:

• fine sheet metal work (steel, stainless steel and aluminum)
• die cast aluminum casings and extruded aluminum profiles
• electronics: manufacture of LED boards, drivers, control modules
• wiring and assembly

We subject all our luminaires to performance, endurance and “long life” resistance tests, and they are individually audited to check that quality exceeds regulatory requirements or standards in force. We are dedicated to ensuring the reliability, accuracy and perfect functionality of our lighting solutions.

Advice and Services

Professional Consulting

With its network of subsidiaries and authorized partners, Hoffmeister has highly qualified teams to support you anywhere in the world and provide you with the best advice to develop your ideas and put them into practice. We always work closely with our customers, who include industrialists, maintenance managers, utility equipment operators, wholesalers, electrical planner, architects, designers, lighting designers, and more. Based on an analysis of your needs, our R and D department and sales engineers will help you develop the most appropriate solutions in terms of investment and performance.