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Product extension

Our zoom spotlight – a new addition to the lo.nely product family

Maximum freedom and flexibility with one spotlight

Innovation meets flexibility – present your exhibits with a new dimension of light. Our lo.nely spotlight with zoom function and Tunable White has not only been developed for museums and galleries, but is versatile enough to shine in any environment where flexibility in the light image and colour temperature is required. This unique combination of functions opens up limitless possibilities to bathe your exhibits in the perfect light.

Always in the spotlight: ideal lighting for temporary exhibitions

Our spotlight is the ideal companion for dynamic presentations. The flexible adjustment of the beam angle between 15 and 40 degrees enables customised lighting to perfectly showcase your exhibits. Even oval light distribution is easily possible with our sculpture lens. Thanks to the unique combination option with Tunable White, you also have full control over the colour temperature to precisely control the atmosphere of your exhibition.

lo.nely 2 zoom spotlight, 15° Spot
lo.nely 2 zoom spotlight, 40° Flood

Expansion of our product range for unlimited combination options

The Zoom spotlight is the latest addition to the lo.nely 2 family. Seamless integration with interchangeable lenses, shades and barndoors offers you countless design options to shape the light according to your wishes. The perfect harmony with our existing accessories expands your creative options immeasurably, allowing you to customise your lighting scenarios according to your ideas and requirements.

Timeless design, customised lighting

Available in black, white and silver, our zoom spotlight blends discreetly into any room. Despite its compact design, it harbours powerful technology that produces a soft, highly brilliant light pattern. The timeless design makes it an unobtrusive yet aesthetically pleasing element in any environment.

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