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Individual color atmosphere

In the Aquaplex outdoor and indoor swimming pool in Eisenach, the lighting from conventional technology from 2008 was converted to the latest LED technology. The particular challenge was to be able to continue to use the existing assembly points and to be able to carry out the conversion without major structural interventions. In addition to the general lighting for the swimming pool and circulation, particular emphasis was placed on different lighting moods. It is now possible to dim the light and adapt it to different scenarios. Furthermore, thanks to individually adjustable colored light, the atmosphere in the bathroom can be adapted to events and uses. At the same time, a 50% saving in the total connected load could be achieved.

Plane Projectors 155 and 153
Projector 14S
The spotlights 155 and 153 were used for the basic lighting of the swimming pools. The 14S series spotlights in RGBW were used for atmospheric lighting, while the downlights in the showers have a high protection rating of IP65.

Product series used

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